Learn about the principles of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation


  1. Australian values. Australia is for Australians and under our constitution only Australians decide our laws and obligations, decide who will enter and live in our country, and decide how we ensure our nation’s safety and economic security. 

  2. Federalism. We are a federation of sovereign states designed so that each state creates improvements that are then copied and shared for the benefit of our nation and all Australians now and in the future. 

  3. Honesty and integrity. Australian values include honesty and speaking openly, directly and respectfully with complete freedom of speech and expression to ensure integrity and accountability. 

  4. Fairness. We stand for a fair go and for rewarding initiative while protecting the disadvantaged, building responsibility and ensuring the lowest possible energy prices for high productivity that creates wealth and prosperity for all. 

  5. Freedom. Freedom of thought, expression, initiative, association, and exchange is essential for efficient collaboration and risk taking that is respectful of others’ rights including property rights. 

  6. Human progress. Bring back and then protect eight keys to human progress that made our young country prosperous and number one in the world within two decades: freedom; rule of law; adherence to our constitution; secure property rights; government controlled people’s bank; fair and efficient tax system; strong families; cheap, accessible, reliable and environmentally-responsible energy.

We believe that our country’s future wealth and the prosperity of all Australians can be assured only through listening and then caring enough to openly address the problems that Liberal-Labor-Nationals-Greens created politically and continue to make. We listen and we care enough to speak for the voiceless and the powerless.

We believe that instead of tomorrow being cloudy and threatening, tomorrow can be better than today and that every one of us has a personal responsibility to make it so.


  1. To bring about the necessary changes for fair and equal treatment of all Australians, within a system of government recognising and acting upon a need for Australia to be truly one nation.

  2. To protect our sovereignty and democracy. 

  3. To acknowledge and respect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first peoples of this land. However, One Nation opposes acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the preamble to the Australian Constitution, as One Nation believes that all Australians are owners and custodians of this land and should work toward unification, not segregation, under the one law for all.  

  4. One Nation supports Citizens Initiated Referenda, giving the people of Australia, a voice to oppose or call for laws to be implemented.

  5. Our children are the future leaders of our nation. They must be given every opportunity to a decent affordable education. Our children must have priority to fill school and university enrolments before those of international students. 

  6. To actively pursue and promote treaties, investment and development as deemed appropriate and in the national interest and repeal those that are not in our best interests.

  7. To honour and respect the men and women who have suffered and lost their lives in defence and protection of our country, and ensure that those who have given so much for their country and people, are cared for appropriately in time of need.

  8. To ensure those convicted of crimes endure appropriate penalties. To seek treaties with other countries, for those who are non Australian citizens who have committed a criminal offence carrying a 2 years or longer prison sentence, be deported to their country, to do their jail term there.

  9. To ensure law abiding Australians, with legitimate purpose, will always have access to firearms to undertake various activities including the defence of themselves and their families in their own homes.

  10. To ensure our society remains benevolent and caring in its approach to our fellow citizens in genuine need.

  11. To treat all Australians equally and justly and with government assistance based on need, not race.

  12. To support and advocate traditional family values and uphold the institution of the family in its fight against the many who aim to breakdown this important unit of any decent society.

  13. To re-vitalise and support our defence forces and personnel and ensure Australia builds and maintains and appropriate level of national security and defence.

  14. To restrict immigration at times when necessary due to high unemployment, overloading on our infrastructure such as roads, water, sewerage, hospitals, schools and housing, except that related to investment, and is in Australia's best interest.

  15. To stop foreign ownership of Australia's agriculture land and established housing. Oppose the sale of public assets without the consent of Australians and repeal United Nations treaties that are detrimental or of no benefit to Australia.

  16. To restore tariff protection where appropriate, revitalise and encourage Australian industry and manufacturing and initiate financial support for small business and the rural sector, in particular in the interest of creating national wealth and employment.

  17. To take positive action on matters such as taxation reform, education, health, unemployment, crime, the environment and the discrimination created by political correctness.

  18. To re-establish a publicly-owned people's bank like the Commonwealth Bank used to be, prior to it being privatised to create true competition, value and benefit Australians.

  19. To abolish divisive and discriminatory policies, such as those related to Aboriginal and Multicultural Affairs.

  20. To protect the environment from industry that will destroy prime agriculture land and water sources. We will oppose CSG mining until a full government impact study is done, as to the ramifications it has on our environment, land and water.

  21. To stop the teaching and infiltration of Islam and its totalitarian ideology, that opposes our democracy, way of life and laws. To ban the Burqa in public places, government buildings and schools. To make genital mutilation of young girls a criminal offence, carrying heavy sentences. To stop islamists and their families from receiving welfare benefits; we are a Christian country, only one marriage is recognised. Ban the building of any more Mosques.

  22. To oppose Sharia Law ever being allowed in Australia. We are a Christian country with one law for all.

  23. To implement an Australian Identity Card to be used by Australians accessing taxpayer funded services such as health, education, welfare, pensions and services. For too long Australian taxpayers have been footing the bill for people who are not entitled or submit multiple claims under aliases. Also foreigners have been known to abuse our system, by using their Australian families details, when visiting the country.

  24. To implement a food labelling system that is conducive as to the origin of the product, Australian made or foreign. Halal certification has no place in Australia when unsuspecting Australians are forced to fund Islamic Mosques and schools. One Nation would stop the practice of Halal Certification on all products, service, and machinery in Australia, other than for export.

  25. One Nation will continue to stop illegal immigration by way of boat and air and support temporary protection visas. One Nation supports the refugee programme, but we must have a say in who comes in. We must be mindful of taking people that are Christian, and genuine refugees.

  26. One Nation opposes increasing the Aged Pension age to 70 and the family home included in the assets test. As it is opposed to people on the land only being able to encompass the family home and 5 acres of land before the assets test is applied. Independent retirees who are not eligible for the aged pension must be rewarded by providing health care assistance.

  27. One Nation opposes the privatisation of essential services such as water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and defence. This must and should remain in the hands of our governments and not foreign ownership and control. We oppose Agenda 21 and its push for 'sustainable development'.

  28. One Nation is committed to protecting the farming sector in time of drought, flood and foreign takeover. If we cannot feed ourselves we will starve. We cannot allow other countries to use our land to feed their own when we should be growing the food and exporting it.

  29. One Nation will repeal or review the 1953 Double Taxation Agreement Act that provides for foreign investors not to pay tax in Australia. Foreign investors take out more in unpaid taxes than Australian companies operating in other countries, bring in.

  30. Marriage between two people of the same sex is a social issue, and One Nation believes all Australians should have the right to vote in a referendum, rather than a vote on the floor of Parliament. If it is to be determined by Parliament then One Nation members of Parliament will be allowed a conscience vote. We also acknowledge that same sex couples living in defacto relationships should be afforded the same property rights as heterosexuals couples. 

  31. To secure the election to public office of members committed to the objectives of the party.