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    *NEW* Revised Immigration Policy


Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development)
Asset Sales & Leasing
Apprenticeships Scheme
CSG Mining
Firearms & Gun Control
Halal Certification
Nurses to be trained in Hospitals
Medicinal Cannabis
Politicians - Reductions

Qld State PolicIES

Foreword p.3 - PDF
Economic Development p.4/5 - PDF
Law & Order p.6/7 - PDF
Health p.8/9 - PDF
Transport & Roads p.10/11 - PDF
Water Security p.12/13 - PDF
No Asset Sale p.14/15 - PDF
Firearms p.16/17 - PDF
Vegetation Management p.18/19 - PDF
Surplus Government Assets p.20/21 - PDF
Citizen Initiated Referenda p.22/23 - PDF
Crocodile Management p.24/25 - PDF
Additional Information p.26 - PDF

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