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Hinkler MP Needs To Build A Bridge...And Get Over It

Friday, October 23, 2015

The incumbent Member for Hinkler turned defensive last week, claiming Pauline Hanson’s One Nation candidate Damian Huxham was ‘fanciful’ in supporting the Burrum to Buxton Bridge proposal.

The Buxton Bridge Steering Committee secretary, Doug Waters confirmed the Federal MP pledged $300,000 for a feasibility and engineering study, in a three way conversation with Mr Waters and former Isis Shire Council Mayor, Bill Trevor.

Despite claims by Mr Pitt the project would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, Mr Waters presented the Hinkler Member with a quote of $30 million by bridge building company G.R Bridge Solutions Pty Ltd from Melbourne. It was also estimated an additional $20 million would be required to connect State roads to the project.

Mr Huxham added “the similar Perry Irwin Bridge built on less favourable ground across Lagoon Creek in Caboolture was recently completed for only $15 million dollars, so I’d encourage the current Member to speak with experts in the field of bridge building, before plucking figures from thin air”.

The One Nation candidate acknowledges it’s a costly project, however the current Federal Government have spruiked the need for productivity, tourism, environment, agriculture and innovation, all of which, this project ticks the boxes.

Mr Pitt’s maiden speech said “a bridge over the Burrum River would link the Hinkler electorate’s tourism centres and provide an alternative route for critical transport, to take pressure off the Bruce (Highway). Madam Speaker, I am proud to be part of a team that understands the benefits infrastructure can bring to regional Australia”.

Mr Huxham wants to know what has changed? “Why is the Member supportive of the idea prior to election, yet once sworn into office he goes off the boil?” “No wonder the people of Australia struggle to trust the major parties any more”. “As an unelected Member of Parliament, I cannot, and will not make promises to win cheap votes like some. What I can promise, is a voice that won’t peter out after I’m elected as your representative for Hinkler”. “Pauline Hanson’s One Nation will deliver accountability and credibility to Canberra, we can always depend on the major parties with their leadership spills and union corruption hearings to provide chaos and disruption in government.”



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