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Elise Cottam Contests Wide Bay

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Elise Cottam has been endorsed as the One Nation candidate for Wide Bay.

Elise has called herself a Queenslander for the past 22 years after relocating with her family from the Blue Mountains in NSW. A mother of 5 children and grandmother of 6, she is the daughter of hard working parents who were in the construction industry.

Elise started her career in Real Estate but for the past ten years, she has been contributing to the Wide Bay community by volunteering in the State Emergency Services as a member and a Trainer Assessor. 

“Helping the community and people in their time of need is the most rewarding job and that is why I am standing as a candidate in the upcoming election; I would like to make a difference by allowing our region to have a say in laws that affect people’s everyday lives,” she said.

Elise also is self-employed with an unusual business that involves training people how to use chainsaws safely in conjunction with first aid, chemical and chipper operations. Elise most recently became the President of the Australian Timber Trainers Association, in July last year. 

Elise says that she has watched Pauling Hanson from her early 20’s and has admired her guts and determination to have a go and be the voice of our nation. 

“One Nation’s motto ‘never give up’, definitely describes my work ethic, it has been my driving force for all my life. I am asking the people of Wide Bay not to ever give, no matter what. You now have a real choice besides the major parties. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is back and we need your vote so that we can give you a voice in Parliament.”

Like many other candidates, Elise is standing for Parliament for the sake of the future of her children and their children, including the generations to come. 

“We need to keep our way of life, it’s second to none. We need to bring back Australian values. Families and our pensioners are struggling with the cost of living, children are slipping through our school systems with a limited ability to read or write and our university students are graduating with big HECS debts and no job to go to. We must introduce an apprenticeships scheme that is beneficial to both the employer and trainee and we must start manufacturing goods here again, keep our jobs here in Australia. Industries create long-term jobs but our government have sold us out with so-called ‘free trade’ deals. Australians look after people in need but lets look after those in our backyard first.”

“We need to stand together as proud Australians, even if you have migrated from abroad. I am proudly Australian, an ordinary person, but I am making my stand now and I ask that you join me with your support and vote. Lets all contribute to getting our country back on track again. Let’s make history and make 2016 the year that we told the major political parties that we are fed up with them and their contempt of the Australian people.”



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