Nursing would be one of the most respected professions of all time. Australians depend on the nursing profession for care, professionalism and their knowledge in times of illness.

In years gone by, nurses were trained on the floors of our Australian hospitals. But that changed, with the thought of progress, and hope of a better outcome, so the teaching of the nursing profession was taken to the computer and classrooms.

Now we have nurses who find it difficult to advance from the computer and classroom to the reality of dealing with sick people, and the full scope and reality of what the profession entails even though some of their training does include work experience. Many from the ‘old school’ way of training, and who are still working in the profession, believe the best training is on the floor of the hospital, dealing with the everyday nursing and gaining hands on experience. 

This is in no way denigrating our nurses, but what is observed.

The problem with the computer age of nursing is, many have to live away from home to attend universities without family support. Those that don’t have family support financially need to find work, which impinges on their study time. How many are we losing due to these conditions and restraints, only to see foreign nurses, due to shortages, fill positions that many Australians would dearly love? 

By training nurses in our hospitals, they could be paid a wage, hence alleviating the necessity to seek employment elsewhere. This in turn will allow other Australians to take up those positions.

One Nation advocates the training of our nursing profession back on the floor of our hospitals.

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