Economics & Tax Policy


We will report annually to the electors on our performance in freeing Australians by repealing legislation now choking Australia and on our efforts to restore Australia to a free, fair and prosperous nation.

In the half-century from the 1840’s in England, the Whigs Party repealed 14,000 pieces of old legislation and in just 50 years little England became Great Britain. We must do the same, especially with needless, inefficient and unconstitutional federal legislation driven under a United Nations agenda putting bugs, plants, and animals ahead of humans as a way of destroying Australian sovereignty and stealing people’s private property rights.

We listen to and serve the people and our country.

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Pauline Hanson’s One Nation stands for Australian Values, federalism, honesty and integrity, fairness, freedom and human progress because Australia is for Australians.

To help us bring back Australia please donate and on election day vote 1 for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation candidates in the senate and House of Representatives and volunteer by handing out How-to-Vote cards and checking as votes are counted.