Economics & Tax Policy


Deep structural flaws in our economy have led to a massive debt that is out of control, a complex and inefficient tax system and fanciful, dishonest budgeting. We must ensure that every citizen has an opportunity to work and that we can afford to care for those in our community that need our support.

  1. We will address deep structural flaws developed in our economy since 1944 and increase opportunities and home ownership for our young people while making sure our retirees and eligible people on welfare can have a solid secure future. To do this we must bring taxes, debt and budgets under control.

    Australia currently has no means of repaying our crippling debt and needs to immediately bring back honest budgets, bring back tax fairness and repay debt. Members of Parliament and Treasury must face the serious issues so that our country will have the money to support our aged, sick and needy and to maintain fairness.

    We will:

We will bring back fairness, honesty and efficiency.

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