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Australia needs to free itself from unaccountable foreign agencies like the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations (UN) that manipulate our economy for their own interests. Our economy should be run for the benefit of Australians.

  1. We will bring back federalism and restore Australia’s constitution so that our economy is run for the benefit of Australians instead of the UN and unaccountable foreign bodies that have interfered and have choked our economy since the federal government handed power to the International Monetary Fund in 1944.

    This is vital for the economic stability needed for investment and full employment. Liberal-Labor-Nationals-Greens politicians implement policies from international agencies aiming to make us inter-dependent with other countries. That makes us dependent on foreign entities even though we have the resources and people to return to independency and freedom.

    We will:

We will bring back honesty to restore Australia for Australians.

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Pauline Hanson’s One Nation stands for Australian Values, federalism, honesty and integrity, fairness, freedom and human progress because Australia is for Australians.

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