Australians in general, oppose the sale of their public assets. Most of the time, our governments sell our assets without consultation and approval from the public. 

One Nation understands we can’t maintain our current debt level, interest alone is strangling us, but this cannot be solved by selling profit making assets, for a short term fix. Governments must take responsibility for the continual waste of taxpayers dollars, by cutting spending and calling for more accountability. Jobs for the boys, mismanagement and incompetence is wrong and should not be tolerated.

Pauline Hanson and One Nation have always opposed the sale of public assets, as Pauline did with Telstra. Telstra was making a profit of $2 Billion in 1996 and now in 2014, $4.3 Billion. An estimated 56,000 jobs were lost. 

The Commonwealth Bank is another Australian asset that has been sold. In 2015 it made a profit of over $9 Billion.

It does not make sense to sell profit making assets. More importantly, One Nation believes essential services such as electricity, water, telecommunications and gas should remain in the hands of governments and not private companies. These are essential services and should not be run for profit. Private companies are only interested in making profits for their shareholders. Their Directors are paid huge salaries according to profit. Therefore if we are to maintain low costs for essential services, we cannot privatise them.

South Australia privatised their electricity which is now owned by billionaire Li Ka-Shing who makes four times more profit out of SA than its UK group. Now SA has the highest electricity costs in the world. 


Instead of selling public assets to curb our debt, One Nation proposes cuts to politicians lurks and perks, and more accountability of travel costs and expenses.  After all, these politicians keep saying that the 'age of entitlement is over'. 

One Nation also proposes a cut back of the number of state and federal politicians. There are too many snouts in the trough, we want representation, not career politicians at the expense of economic stability. Our estimation is that each politician costs the tax payer $1 million per year, this includes their staffing expenses, superannuation and more that they are entitled too.

Australia must drive investment opportunities for businesses, industry and manufacturing. Get rid of the red tape, over the top fees and charges, give support and cut the time frame from time of application to final decision.

State payroll tax also needs to be abolished to encourage companies to employ more staff. Common sense tells you, you don’t tax someone for the more people they employ.

We can own our assets and not have to lease them if the Federal Government got out of the 1953 Double Taxation agreement and made multinationals pay their taxes here instead of sending profits to safe havens offshore. 

There is a solution we only need true leadership that has the will to govern for the people. The people of Australia should not have to fork out the bills and suffer due to government mismanagement. One Nation will hold politicians to account.

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