In the 1960’s Australia was a thriving country, job security was never an issue, unemployment was around 2%, and most Australians finishing school had many work opportunities and choices. Apprenticeships in all trades were on offer as many of our youth took up the tools with many going on to own their own businesses.

Today it is hard to find businesses willing to employ apprentices. TAFE colleges are closing down across the country which will see a further decline in the number of apprentices. The downturn in the economy is a factor, but also the lack of real government assistance is the deciding factor why businesses are not putting apprentices on. 

Due to the reduced number of tradesmen and women in Australia, our government past and present have opened the borders calling for skilled migrants. We need to ensure that our youth and older Australians have the opportunity to take up a trade. Not every Australian wants a University degree or a desire for higher education. We should support the tradie. Each and every one of us relies on their expertise, every day in our lives.

One Nation is calling for an apprenticeship scheme where the government pays 75% of the first year's wage, 50% of the second and 25% of the third. 

This has to be a bipartisan agreement with the Federal Government. The finer details will be mapped out so that apprentices finish their trade and businesses are held responsible for their trade and qualifications being finalised. Employers will not be given the opportunity to abuse the scheme or see it as a cash cow. This would give our nation, our own home grown tradesmen and women. 

Youth (15 -24 years) unemployment is approx. 15% and a lot higher in some parts of Australia. Many only see a life living on Newstart Allowance or some form of welfare. 

Our future generations should be given every opportunity to obtain gainful employment. In turn they would have a job, pay tax, and not be a burden on our system.    

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