Why Are People Afraid Of Pauline Hanson Gaining a Senate Seat?

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

By Aaron Plumb - NSW Senate Candidate
This election campaign has come to face the reality that Pauline Hanson may claim a Senate seat; to the horror of politicians and some in the media, but why? It would be the case that those who are afraid that Pauline will get a Senate seat have not read the policies of One Nation, nor are they willing to let go of long held political prejudices conjured by fear and smear campaigns. They essentially have bought their own fear campaign. 

Are you afraid of an increase to the aged & disability pensions? Are you afraid of a higher allowance for tertiary students & carers? Are you afraid of greater transparency in country of origin labelling? Are you afraid of making home ownership more affordable? Are you afraid of public owned utilities? Are you afraid of police being tougher of crime? Are you afraid of creating jobs for Australians?
It only takes a thorough read of One Nation policies and talking with One Nation’s dedicated candidates to realise there is nothing about One Nation to be afraid of; we will not make promises we won’t keep, we will hold the Government accountable and we will work with all Australians for the benefit of Australia.
Don’t be fooled by fear and smear campaigns, see for yourself the facts about politics.
Aaron Plumb
One Nation N.S.W. Senate Candidate



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