Rod Smith for Wright

Friday, January 15, 2016

Rod Smith has been endorsed as the Pauline Hanson's One Nation candidate for Wright in QLD.

Rod Smith is a self-employed tradesman and small business owner who like many, is fed up with the current state of politics and quality of politicians in Australia. 

“From my talks with a wide range of people from all walks of life, I feel the time has come for a change in politics. The major parties have no answers to the pressing issues that we need addressed. They have had decades to fix things but there is not the political will.

People are concerned about their job security, border security and immigration, their retirement, the availability of health services, the rising cost of living and declining real incomes, for the future world their children will be forced to cope with. They feel government doesn’t listen to them and once they get into power, politicians break all their promises. They also feel the main political parties are untrustworthy having been captured by lobbyists. People want more problem solving ability than just raising taxes, more fines, more speed cameras, selling off prime assets and slashing services.

I am intimately aware of the daily struggle of small business and know many in our wider community are doing it tough. I am keen to make a difference. Our politicians have forgotten that small business is the backbone of our country and treat small business like an ATM.”

Rod Smith is a family man with four children. He joined One Nation as a member in 1997 because he knew Pauline Hanson and the party had credible solutions to the crisis that Australia was mired in.  

“With every term of government things gets worse - more debt, selling off more assets, more foreign ownership, more red tape and taxes, more despair.”

Rod believes that Australia can no longer take in more unwelcome migrants that are swamping our facilities, housing stock, roads, hospitals, schools and who are forcing wages down by the competition for jobs. We need answers and results, not more talk and more lies. 

"One Nation for nearly two decades now has been the only real political opposition and reality check in Australia. Australia is in real trouble and we need movers and shakers, not fakers and takers. One Nation has policies that are common sense.”

We need your help. See what you can do to help us help you. You can contact One Nation on (07) 3262 1088

Rod Smith and Pauline Hanson will be at the Boonah IGA at 11am, Wed 20th January to meet the public.



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