Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I am proud to announce that I will be standing for the Queensland seat of Lockyer in the 2015 State elections, due to be called early in the year.

My family connections to the area go back to my maternal grandmother born in 1888, to parents who emigrated from Ireland to the area between Forest Hill and Laidley. They came to Australia to begin a new life in Australia working the land.

My grandmother Alice had five brothers and four sisters. Due to a serious accident on the farm during World War 1, my great grandfather was prevented from working the farm. He could not call on his 5 sons because they were away on active duty fighting for their country; hence my great grandparents had to sell the farm and moved to Wynnum, Brisbane.

Queensland is gripped by rising unemployment, crippling debt, farmers and their families forced off their land due to drought conditions, banks and government green tape.

Farming is way of life and in most cases a family tradition. The Lockyer Valley sends 90% of its produce to every capitol city with the exception of Perth. Without the farming sector the people in the cities will starve. It is imperative that we remain a country that can feed ourselves and not rely on imports. Farmers don’t want anything, other than the right to get on and do the job of farming without red or green tape. Farmers should be allowed and assisted to obtain enough water without licences, fees, charges, restrictions and interference from governments, to run their properties and be self-sufficient in times of drought.

A lot of farmers and land holders are turning to Coal Seam Gas to sustain their properties with an income. There are no safeguards against the destruction CSG mining can do to our environment and health, but more importantly our water. It has been reported that we run the risk of our Great Artesian basin being drained and contaminated. Bores will be drained and the water table will drop 105 metres and further west, up to 700 metres. We have to fight against CSG mining whether it be Australian or international companies. Our environment and water is our greatest asset. It is estimated that foreign investment in CSG takes profits in excess of 90% out of Australia.

Foreign investment and home ownership has impacted on many Australians owning their own homes. Foreign investment is illegal on established housing (not new housing) yet we see and know this is happening. I am proposing proof of Australian citizenship or residency must be sighted and recorded at time of buying property. No foreign ownership of Australian land. No foreign ownership or control of essential services such are telecommunications, water, gas, electricity and defence.  

These are just a few of the issues in the seat of Lockyer, but there are no boundaries as we see its impact throughout Australia.

This will be the fight of my life to win the seat of Lockyer. On too many occasions I have been cheated of votes cast for me, and all the political parties telling their voters to preference me last. I can only make a difference on the floor of Parliament, where our voices will be heard. I am asking the people of Lockyer to support me. We need honesty and straight talking in our Parliament. Being a Member of Parliament as the people’s representative is an honour and privilege, one I will never take for granted.

Support me to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY because we are losing our rights to our land, our culture, our water, our freedom of speech and our democracy.

Yours Sincerely,
Pauline Hanson - National Chairman of One Nation & Candidate for Lockyer



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