Pauline Hanson to visit Victoria

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Bronwyn Bishop may have taken the helicopter but Pauline Hanson says she’s taking her non-taxpayer-funded car to the Bellarine Peninsula, just one stop on her visit to Victoria next week.

The Leader of the party is back and is set to host a fundraising lunch on February 14th at the Clifton Springs Golf Club, the same venue where the Bronwyn Bishop ‘choppergate’ saga unfolded.

Ms Hanson is visiting regional areas of Victoria this month, including Bendigo and Wallan, to announce federal election candidates for One Nation which include Elise Chapman, a Bendigo community advocate who is openly anti-Islam, and McEwen candidate Simon Roylance, a CFA firefighter.

This is the first time that both candidates have stood for the newly renamed Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party, and they believe that enough people are fed up with the major parties that they will now change their vote to minor parties such as One Nation.

With some members of the Bendigo community attempting to shut down Ms Chapman's launch, One Nation are withholding the venue name due to their earlier cancellation by The Foundry Hotel after a petition of just 20 people against the event, saw the management give in to those who want to undermine our democracy and free speech.

Despite this, Ms Chapman has said that, “One Nation has seen a surge in support from Victorians who are disenfranchised with the major parties. Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews appears to have given in to terrorism saying that ‘Victorians and indeed Australians have to accept that violent extremism is part of a contemporary Australia.’ I support a Royal Commission into Islam so that it can be classified for what it truly is, a political and cultural ideology which is incompatible with our democracy and human rights laws. This reclassification will stop extremists from hiding and seeking immunity from our laws, which they are currently doing so under the guise of religion; our Australian culture and freedom will be protected.

“Other issues that are facing Victorians are our farms being sold to foreign interests who need to feed their growing populations, what are Australians going to be left with? We must also drought proof our farms so that land can be productive all year round.”

“Domestic violence is also impacting our lives however I do not see any politician standing up for male victims of violence. It has been reported that as many as 1 in 3 cases of domestic violence are against men. We have a suicide epidemic with fathers and family law needs a whole new model.”

The public is invited to the Clifton Springs lunch where Ms Hanson and Ms Chapman will address guests. Tickets are $35 each and can be purchased through



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