Pauline Hanson Lockyer Forum - 7pm 21st Jan

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pauline Hanson invites the people from the Lockyer Valley and surrounding areas to attend a meeting to be held on Wednesday 21st January at the Gatton Shire Hall, commencing at 7pm.

The meeting is to give Queenslanders the opportunity to listen to a panel of professional people talking on topics that the major political parties don’t want you to know.

Professor Ian Plimer will talk on the impact of coal seam gas mining and Professor David Flint on the constitution and taxation.

Peter Manuel, the director of Flag Australia, will speak on protecting the farming sector and the precious resource of water. Mr Manuel is a farmer from South Australia, where Ms Hanson said water security was under threat from the State Government.

Pauline herself will explain issues such as foreign ownership, Halal Certification, jobs for our youth and more.

Admission is free. If you choose not to attend then you must be happy with your way of life and standard of living. If not, then you have a rare opportunity to get some answers as to why our country is going down hill fast and what must be done.



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