Do We Let Them Come & Do We Let Them Stay (Refugees & Asylum Seekers) by Jim Savage

02 Jul 2014

Recently, One Nation President Jim Savage was invited to attend and speak at "Politics at the pub" on the topic "Asylum Seekers: Should we let them come, should we let them stay." Below is the transcript of Jim's Speech which was presented by Ian Nelson (One Nation QLD Director) on the night... Read More

Refugees & Asylum Seekers. Let them come? Let them stay?

29 May 2014

"Politics in the Pub", will be holding another public debate on the above subject at the Brisbane Power House at 6pm on Wednesday 18th June 2014.  Read More

One Nation's Budget Response 2014

22 May 2014

This year’s budget has been more contentious than most in recent times. Hardly surprising considering the appalling state Labor left Australia in when they were dumped from office last year. Read More

Asylum Seekers & The Abbott Government

27 Feb 2014

I would like to congratulate the Prime Minister and Scott Morrison for taking a strong stand against the flood of illegal immigrants. By employing the long held One Nation policy of turning the boats back, guess what? The flood of boats is drying up.  Read More

The Banking Cartel

04 Oct 2013

This documentary is a must watch for all, looking at banking tycoons and how banks not only control governments but also appoint politicians through huge campaign donations - from the Rothschild family in Europe to JP Morgan and others in the US.  Read More

Why Are People Afraid Of Pauline Hanson Gaining a Senate Seat?

04 Sep 2013

By Aaron Plumb - NSW Senate Candidate
This election campaign has come to face the reality that Pauline Hanson may claim a Senate seat; to the horror of politicians and some in the media, but why? It would be the case that those who are afraid that Pauline will get a Senate seat have not read the policies of One Nation, nor are they willing to let go of long held political prejudices conjured by fear and smear campaigns. They essentially have bought their own fear campaign.  Read More

One Nation Protest Over Halal Compensation to Murderer 31st Aug 2013

27 Aug 2013

Community outrage over the $3000 compensation paid to a Muslim child killer because he refused to eat non-halal (Christian) food in prison has spilled over into a community protest outside the QCAT offices in Brisbane next Saturday 31st August. The Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal notoriously awarded Raymond  Aktar Ali the money because he claimed his "religious rights" had been violated by the Queensland Government, and the QCAT actually agreed.  Read More

Liberal Coalition and Labor Preference One Nation Last

19 Aug 2013

Liberal, Nationals and Labor have once again preferenced One Nation’s NSW Senate candidate Pauline Hanson last.  Read More

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