One Nation Welcomes Pauline Hanson Back

Monday, June 03, 2013

It is with great pleasure I welcome Pauline Hanson back to One Nation as our number one candidate on the NSW senate ticket. Pauline has lost none of her fire and desire to stop the rot setting in from over a decade of bad political decisions and weak leadership. Australia is still worth saving. It is still the greatest nation on earth.

This despite actions from both major parties to reduce it and our Christian values to the lowest common denominator. 

We need a caring responsible government that listens and protects it’s people and borders.

No-one can be expected to be perfect, but we expect our leaders , at a bare minimum, to always do their best for our country, always speak their minds, never hurt those who don’t deserve it, and never do deals with bad people whose only interest in life is to make more money (ie lobby groups and political donors). Pauline and One Nation know something is not right and we don’t allow ourselves to be pressured by anyone. It takes far greater courage to remain loyal to our own beliefs and go it alone than jump aboard the expediency train which carries our current crop of political leaders to nowhere.

Jim Savage
State President Qld.  Lead Senate candidate Qld  



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