One Nation Budget cut Enacted by the Coalition Government

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In an address to the Sydney Institute on Tuesday (19th Aug), Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said although there were still budget measures yet to be passed by the Senate, the single biggest part of the budget’s savings agenda had already been passed.

He was referring to the One Nation policy of cutting foreign aid. Finally the Coalition government of Tony Abbott could no longer hide from OUR policy, and admitted it had to be done. This has saved, according to the government, $7.6 billion. Something One Nation has been telling the government for years! (Abbott responded by calling us racists, so who’s the racist now?)

This week Mr. Abbott was trying to get the message across to Australia’s muslim community, they must join us as fellow Australians and help fight radical brutal, murderous extremist Islamic terrorists. Join “Team Australia” he said. Of course he was not quite brave enough to put in these words, it was the general message.

This also is another One Nation policy. Mr. Abbott called our policy of gentle peaceful assimilation (ie one nation, hence our name), as “racist”, so who’s the racist now?  

(Note: Mr. Abbott made this comment on Channel 7 last September as the reason/excuse for putting One Nation last on the senate ticket).

I note that a Victorian Islamic group refused to meet with Mr. Abbott this week to hear the governments new anti terrorism laws and to discuss them rationally to see how we could work together, claiming it was “racist”. 

This brings to mind two glaringly obvious questions.

  1. Why is it when anyone discusses terrorism all the muslims start screaming discrimination? No-one mentioned them until they stick their heads up and scream “you must be talking about us!” Obviously they know, like the rest of us, most terrorists are muslims, or they wouldn’t get so offended.
  2. How can they claim “racism”? What race is a muslim? I thought it was a religion and any person from any race could become a muslim.  (anything other would be racist)
When we discuss anti-terrorism laws and new measures to fight  terrorism, how come the Catholics, Anglicans, Uniting Church, Jews, Buddists, Greek Orthodox, etc. don’t start screaming they are being picked on unfairly, and scream “Racist”?

Why do muslims automatically assume its them in the crosshairs!

I think we all know the answer!

By Jim Savage
One Nation President Qld



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