One Nation Announces QLD Candidates Team

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One Nation is proud to announce it will be standing 11 candidates, led by Pauline Hanson National Chairman of the party, at the Queensland election on 31st January 2015.

Ms Hanson took over leadership of the party last November. With her return to lead the party, Queenslanders have rallied to join and support One Nation. 

Ms Hanson said, “Queenslanders want accountability, jobs and leadership, not dictatorship as shown by the present Premier Newman. Yet, Labor is not an alternative as it proved its inability to manage the economy with an approximate $100 billion blow out”.

“One Nation may not get to govern this election, but we can be the watchdog, calling for accountability. Queenslanders are struggling to make ends meet and people are at the point of not being able to pay their power bills, water bills and afford groceries to feed their whole family. This is outrageous and unacceptable. One Nation’s first promise is to bring MP’s lurks and perks under control. How can the LNP or Labor justify a ministers and shadow minister’s meal allowance of $167 a day, when the average Queenslander takes his sandwich to work”? Ms. Hanson said. 

“I am leading a strong team of One Nation candidates consisting of a senior staffer to US Senator Teddy Kennedy, a tradie, the President of the Corrective Services Union, business people, a policewoman, professionals and former Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Member of Parliament Jeff Knuth,” Ms Hanson said.

“Queenslanders want job security, to feel safe on their streets; they want the cost of living brought under control, home ownership a reality and not a dream; they want the farming sector supported, and Queenslanders given priority over multinationals”, Ms. Hanson said.

“Have no doubt, Campbell Newman called an early election because he is afraid of the groundswell of support for Pauline Hanson and One Nation party. Queenslanders no longer want to be treated like mushrooms - living in the dark, and they are tired of dictatorial government too. They want leadership not rhetoric, accountability, and just a fair go. It’s time to take back our country”, the One Nation leader said.

All over Queensland people are getting excited and support is growing by the minute, people see One Nation as the national voice for economic and social concerns.

“Listen up Campbell; we are all sick of the two-party duet singing the same old song of ‘promise ‘em this and promise ’em that’”. There are real issues regarding security and economic development that need attention and it seems to me and a lot of other people that these parties that have been around for a hundred years are too old to do the job; they have lost their way.” said Ms Hanson. “The world has changed and they just haven’t changed with it”. 

We proudly announce the following candidates to contest the QLD State Election:

Pauline Hanson Lockyer
Robert Bowyer Beaudesert
Phil Pollock Broadwater
Belinda Johnson Burdekin
Debbie Gravenall Currumbin
Christopher Reynolds Ipswich West
Bill Hankin Hinchinbrooke
Damian Huxham Maryborough
Scott Sheard Mount Isa
Jeff Knuth Thuringowa
Leanne Rissman Townsville

Click here to view candidates profiles, please bear with us as we update the profiles every day.



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