Newman, Katter, Palmer VS Pauline & One Nation

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Premier Campbell Newman called the Queensland State election today for 31 Jan 2015. Mr Newman said, the reason for calling the early election was due to economic stability and businesses to employ staff. This is Newman’s first lie of his election campaign, the snap election is due to the support Pauline Hanson and One Nation is receiving. 

Newman needed to call the snap election hoping to catch the party and Pauline Hanson unprepared. This is the first election to be called by any state in the month of January since the mid 1940’s. Remember that Pauline only re-joined One Nation as National Chairman on the 29th November 2014. 

Also it has been brought to One Nation’s attention that Bob Katter and Clive Palmer are joining forces to stop One Nation. Bob Katter has espoused many of the same policies and concerns as Pauline and One Nation over the years, yet he has never tried to work with Pauline or One Nation against the entrenched majors, and their policies that are destroying our way of life, culture and standard of living. Why? 

Politics is not about egos or power. It’s about working for the people. Working for a decent standard of living. Looking after our aged, the sick and our children and a fair go for all Australians. Why is One Nation and Pauline once again faced with political forces that are determined to get rid of the party and it's candidates? 

This election is very important for Queensland but more important for Australia. Pauline has said, 

"I am going to fight the whole damn lot of these egotistical, pusillanimous, power hungry so called representatives of the people. The people of this state and country are fed up with lies and corruption. Australians deserve better, and I will do all I can to bring accountability and honesty to our Parliaments."

"If Queenslanders and Australians are ready for what I am offering then support me. I want your vote, I want you to hand out my how to vote cards, but more importantly I want you to ensure that my votes are not stolen by corruption. I am for the people and my country that is why I am a threat to them and always will be. Please help me to help you."

One Nation is standing a fair swag of high profile and credible candidates in the QLD election. Visit this link to see if we have a candidate in your electorate. Premier Newman’s snap election has not worked, actually it may cost him his seat.





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