Neil Smith for Richmond (NSW)

Friday, January 29, 2016

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party endorses its first New South Wales federal candidate, for what it predicts will be an early 2016 election.

Neil Smith becomes the parties sixth candidate, endorsed to contest the seat of Richmond. The former production manager and engineer had also owned a furniture manufacturing business.

The first time political tilt for Mr Smith comes after hearing an impassioned radio interview with One Nation leader Pauline Hanson. “I agreed whole heartedly with Pauline and researched the parties policies online. I agreed with each of them. It was time I put my own life experience and success into supporting positive change on a federal level.”

Mr Smith believes “It’s time we have some genuine doers on the floor of parliament. A large number of current MP’s have never been successful in their own right, they’ve learnt the art of politics and nothing more. I on the other hand have learnt from hard work, that has translated into my own personal success."

The seat of Richmond has traditionally been held by conservative parties, with Labor winning its second term due to preferences at the 2013 election. 

“Labor haemorrhaged support with a 5.68% drop in primary votes at the last election, and I believe the people of Richmond are willing to back someone with form” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith considers astute voters will send a clear message to the major parties. “The two major parties have failed this country in recent times and it’s about time that ordinary Australians had their say. Our taxes have been squandered on overseas aid commitments while Australians are barely surviving the ever increasing cost of living, drought, the fear of job losses, economy instability and countless other worries that create sleepless nights”. 

The One Nation candidate will be encouraging voters to throw their support behind his campaign and that of other independents and minor parties across the country.

If you live in this electorate, please contact Neil and lend him a hand with his campaign.



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