Mike Holt's (Fairfax Candidate) Statement on Anti-Halal Stickers

Friday, July 26, 2013

The recent accusations by the press involving One Nation in my personal attempt to raise public awareness about the halal food certification issue have worked to the benefit of the party. The resulting publicity has been invaluable.

At the same time, the unfortunate young woman who was accused of product tampering has had that charge dropped due to the Queensland Health Department examination. Their report stated that the seal had not been tampered with, nor had the contents been contaminated. So the only charge she faces now is putting a sticker on a jar of coffee. She categorically denies doing it, and so it will be up to her accusers to prove their case. The CCTV vision of her only shows her walking down the supermarket aisle. She is not shown putting a sticker anywhere, so their case is going to be extremely hard to prove. 

I stand by my accusations against the halal certification business. It is a scam and I will continue to fight it until it is stopped. Australians do not want to pay a tax to any islamic business. Nor were we asked if we wanted to in a constitutional referendum, as required by law for such an important taxation question. The muslims are using halal as the thin end of the wedge to bring about the full islamization of our nation. Thousands of Aussies have sent messages of support for my actions. I will not let them down. 

If I am elected as the One Nation candidate for the electorate of Fairfax I will work tirelessly on their behalf as well as making sure that our borders are made safe from invasion once more. 

- Mike Holt (Candidate for Fairfax, QLD)



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