Liberal Coalition and Labor Preference One Nation Last

Monday, August 19, 2013

Liberal, Nationals and Labor have once again preferenced One Nation’s NSW Senate candidate Pauline Hanson last. 

"I am very disappointed the major parties have put One Nation last again. This means a vote for the Coalition is a vote for Labor and if you vote Labor your vote will flow to the Coalition," Hanson explained. 

"One Nation and my policies which include stopping the boats, no carbon tax, protect industry, manufacturing and jobs, an aged pension increase, all university and tafe students to receive Newstart Allowance, are more in line with the coalition’s policies, yet they preferenced the Greens ahead of One Nation and Labor."

Tony Abbott who wants to be the next Prime Minister of this country told the public the Greens would be preferenced last. Can he be trusted, apparently not? I have for years been the brunt of a concerted effort by the major parties to stop me from ever winning a seat in Parliament again. 

Tony Abbott set up a slush fund to start legal proceedings against Hanson in 1998 which inevitably led to her wrongful imprisonment. The Labor party, under Peter Beatie, changed the legislation so Hanson would be charged under the Criminal Code and increased the sentencing from six months to 7 years. A person with a criminal offence cannot stand for elections. 

"It’s about time Australians woke up to these corrupt politicians. I stand for transparency, and a fair go. They have no understanding of what that means. Don’t let them stop me again, I can win this seat with your vote. The only reason they want to stop me is because I stand up for the people AND my country. Your vote for me is a clear message that you have had enough of their same old rhetoric, false promises and disregard for our country and culture above others. STAND UP AUSTRALIANS AND BE COUNTED."



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