Hanson Resurrects One Nation

Friday, November 28, 2014

After nearly thirteen years away from the helm of One Nation, Pauline Hanson has once again taken up the reins as National Chairman and Leader of the party, after exiting in 2002. 

Due to a flood of public support through her Facebook page and a request from the One Nation QLD Division State Executive to return to the party as leader, Ms Hanson said, 

“It’s time to resurrect the party I founded in 1997.  Australians are feeling very disillusioned with all the political parties and want someone else to vote for.  Honesty and integrity is of the utmost importance and Australians are fed up with corruption and snouts in the trough.  Many feel the Australian way of life, and their rights are under threat.  Foreign ownership of agricultural land, assets and housing concerns Australians with more imported foods, rising costs due to foreign investment and many Australians never being able to own their own home.”    

The party claims to always have had a finely attuned antenna to the people, and the courage to speak out when others fear to do so.  One Nation QLD Division State President, Jim Savage, maintains that “One Nation has lead the way on many state and federal policies, although the average person is not aware of it.  We are very relevant when the current and past governments adopt One Nation’s 17-year-old policies.” 

The One Nation relaunch, open to the public, will be held at the Caboolture Golf Club this Saturday, 29th November at 3:15pm, where Mr. Savage and State Director Ian Nelson are set to address the public, alongside Ms. Hanson. 

With a variety of topics to be discussed, including the price of petrol, Islam in Australia, water rights and the declining Australian food industry, the meeting has attracted people as far away as Adelaide, South Australia. One Nation has said it has received over one thousand emails and messages of support since Ms. Hanson had returned to lead the party, with former members turning back to join from all over the country.

Ms Hanson said she will “always stand up for all Australians, raise the real issues and throw political correctness into the rubbish where it belongs.“

A QLD Division member’s meeting will be held at 2pm, prior to the public meeting, to request a party name change back to ‘Pauline Hanson’s One Nation,’ from the QLD membership. 

More information regarding the One Nation relaunch this weekend can be found here.



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