Hanson & Peterson Boycott Glenn Druery Preferences Meeting Tonight

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pauline Hanson, National Chairman of One Nation, and Patricia Petersen, leader of Australian Independents, have joined forces to boycott a minor parties preferences meeting tonight involving Glenn Druery, minor party preference deal negotiator. The meeting is to be held tonight after nominations of candidates closed at 12pm today.

Ms Hanson said, “Initially I agreed to have a meeting with Katter’s Australia Party in the first week of January, then a couple of days ago I was informed that Palmer’s United Australia Party was also attending the meeting…. Minor parties should try and work together if they are to have any chance of winning seats in Parliament against the duopoly LNP and Labor,” the One Nation leader said.

“When I heard Glenn Druery was going to chair the meeting I made it quite clear I didn’t want him present at the meeting. I have no time for Mr Druery. On a couple of occasions I have found him to be untrustworthy in his dealing with minor parties and preference deals. What he tells you is one thing and what he does is another. This cost One Nation a seat in Parliament,” Ms Hanson said.

“Last night, I received a call from Patricia Petersen, leader of the Australian Independents Party, asking if I was going to the meeting. Miss Petersen informed me, Mr Druery would be in attendance”, Ms Hanson said. “Miss Petersen stated to me that she does not trust Glenn Druery and would not be attending the meeting. She also claimed that his handling of a preference deal in Queensland cost her a Senate seat”.

Ms Hanson said, “Patricia Petersen and I have mutual respect for each other, our word is our bond, and our aim is to represent the people of Queensland to the best of our ability. On too many occasions both of us have been burnt by untrustworthy, power hungry, macho men who have the opinion that we are politically inept without their guidance.” 

“As far as we are concerned, Mr Druery has nothing to do with our campaigns, and if seats are won in Queensland it will definitely not be because of Glenn Druery. Our doors are open if Mr Katter or Mr Palmer wish to talk to us,” the One Nation leader said.



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