First NSW Senate Candidate Announced

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Former Cessnock Councillor Brian Burston has been endorsed as Pauline Hanson’s One Nation lead senate candidate in the upcoming federal election.

Ms Hanson said, “Brian brings to the One Nation team a wealth of knowledge of local government, higher education, teaching and a NSW Parliamentary background”.

“Brian has been community orientated since his early election as Alderman, followed by Councillor for the Cessnock City Council in 1987. He held that position for 12 years, including a term as Deputy Mayor. He was also a Parliamentary Adviser and Research Officer in the NSW Parliament for almost 3 years” she said.

Ms Hanson said, “One Nation supports small business and jobs for Australians, but our successive governments have failed to support apprenticeship schemes that would have ensured local jobs, rather than see migrants filling those positions”.

Mr Burston’s diverse experience and 30 year career as an Architectural Design Consultant, led to a Diploma of Teaching (TAFE), an Associate Diploma in Structural Engineering and a Trade qualification. During this time he spent 10 years teaching in TAFE, before joining the faculty at Newcastle University for 4 years.

“I understand what motivates the youth in terms of earning a trade. There needs to be a focus on ensuring our kids are job ready and enthusiastic towards entering the work force once they leave school”, Mr Burston said.

Ms Hanson added “Brian has been a founding member of One Nation and is passionate about a raft of issues including Australia’s long term future”, but adds “without a true representative of the people on the floor of the senate, the two major parties will continue to erode this nations identity and core values”.

With Senate voting reforms expected to be pushed through Parliament, the One Nation leader said “Pauline Hanson’s One Nation will appear above the line, giving Brian and the party equal chance of success as the major parties."



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