Elise Chapman Announced as Vic Senate Candidate

Friday, January 08, 2016

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has today unveiled the endorsement of Elise Chapman as lead Senate candidate in Victoria for the upcoming 2016 Federal Election.

Ms Chapman has been involved in community groups from a young age, though in more recent times, made headlines when openly speaking out against the Islamisation of Australia and fighting to stop the Bendigo mosque.

As someone who believes in free speech and not afraid to challenge political correctness, Ms Chapman aligns herself with Pauline Hanson, leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and a Queensland Senate candidate.

Ms Chapman began her career as a baker, pastry cook and cake decorator, creating recipes for the Heart Foundation and was awarded Apprentice of The Year. With an eye for real estate, Ms Chapman bought her first house at the age of 17 and has been buying and selling real estate for 26 years, before joining the Bendigo Council in 2012. Ms Chapman enjoys the rural lifestyle Australia has to offer, living on a farm with her daughter and adult son, where they breed Alpacas. The trio have successfully bred the Reserve Supreme Champion Grey Suri Alpaca through an embryo transfer programme.

Ms Chapman has recently made history being the first and only female Greater Bendigo Councillor to have successfully completed her Diploma of Local Government. Volunteering and charity work a daily event for Ms Chapman, with the Golden Square community swimming pool just one of the recipients of her voluntary time, organising promotions and working in the kiosk.

Ms Chapman has proven passionate and tireless campaigning for the rights of her constituents and has achieved a great deal of public support for her strident campaign to raise awareness against child brides and female genital mutilation. “I call it as I see it and I am not afraid to voice my disapproval of Islam as a supremacist, political ideology cloaked in religion,” she states.

A firm believer in truth over political correctness, Elise has become a regular media headline in the Bendigo region, where her opposition to the construction of a Mosque has won her significant local support from ratepayers, though the wrath of local guardians of political correctness and those with vested interests.

“The people of Australia take precedence in this country and I will never gamble our Australian way of life. If elected as Senator, I will ask the hard questions, including those that others are afraid may offend. We must keep Australians informed on all issues so they too can make sound decisions in their own lives. I promise to vote against any legislation that will harm the Aussie way of life."

For Media Opportunities, please contact Elise Chapman. 

Email: vic.senate@onenation.com.au



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