Does Abbott finally support One Nation?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

By Jim Savage (President One Nation QLD). On the 17th July I posted an article calling on decent muslims to stand up and be counted in Australia. I said “you are either with us or against us”. I asked them to resist and report any of their faith who supported terrorism or are planning a terrorist act. 

I asked imams to preach peace and Australian values and to respect the laws of this great country which has given them shelter from the excesses of brutal violent Islam in their own countries of birth. That’s why they came here right?

I said in effect, you cannot follow to the letter the teachings of the Koran and still be in acceptance of Australian laws and values and be our friend. You must change and assimilate.

Today Tony Abbott came out finally and said virtually the same thing. Asking Muslims to join “Team Australia” and for the moderate members of the Islamic community to join us, not fight us.

Has anyone noticed One Nation is ALWAYS ahead of the other political mobs when it comes to knowing what needs to be said, what must be said? They wait until it becomes so bleeding obvious they feel safe enough to actually say it. Only One Nation comes out and makes the bold move to put it first, we believe in being proactive, the others…. well they’re just reactive! We aren’t cowards!

Jim Savage
President One Nation Qld



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