Do We Let Them Come & Do We Let Them Stay (Refugees & Asylum Seekers) by Jim Savage

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Recently, One Nation President Jim Savage was invited to attend and speak at "Politics at the pub" on the topic "Asylum Seekers: Should we let them come, should we let them stay." Below is the transcript of Jim's Speech which was presented by Ian Nelson (One Nation QLD Director) on the night...

"Do we let them come and do we let them stay? NO and NO!!

We are discussing here whether we let people break and disrespect our laws and customs regulations, violate our borders, thumb their noses at our democratically elected government…or not! How can there be any other answer than “no”! I do not break the law, yet I am asked to let others do it, and at my expense.

We are faced with much more than an issue of immigrations violations here. The real issue is this, do we want Australia to be Islamic…or not? Do we really want sharia law for our children and grandchildren? Because the vast majority of the border violators are Muslims. 

This is not about people per se, it is about ideology! Not people fleeing for their lives to the nearest safe haven (which is the UN’s definition of a genuine refugee or asylum seeker) but invaders at worst or economic illegal migrants at best, going through many Muslim countries on their way to Australia. They mostly fly to Indonesia, (not arrive in leaky boats as they would have you believe); Indonesia…the world’s biggest Muslim country, where they should feel at home with their fellow Muslims, fellow members of the “religion of peace”. But no, they keep on coming, paying huge sums of money for an illegal trip to Australia with people smugglers, risking not only their own lives but often those of innocent children who have no choice.

So the question is not one about asylum seekers fleeing for their very lives, it is about the Islamisation of Australia, and getting a free ride at taxer payers expense while they do it.

I do not want my country to be overcome by a primitive, murderous, ignorant, violent seventh century cult of women abusers and paedophiles. Jesus Christ talks of love, peace, turning the other cheek, loving thy neighbour, forgiveness of ones enemies. Jesus never killed anyone nor told anyone else to kill anyone. Mohammed not only killed many hundreds of people personally, (he even had pet names for his favourite killing swords) but repeatedly extolled his followers to kill everyone and anyone who dared to not accept his teachings.

The Koran (the so-called perfect book) orders Muslims to kill non-believers. It is not considered murder to kill non believers (that’s all us folks here in Australia by the way). Killing is ok under Islam. Mohammed said: “it is not your hand doing the killing, it is Allah”. It is not fraud to cheat an infidel, it is not even wrong to murder your own children if you suspect one day they may cause you dishonour.  Folks it is being a good Muslim for any Muslim here tonight to lie to us about their real agenda, as they are told in their “perfect book” that “infidels do not deserve the truth, justice or mercy.” Muslims cannot be trusted nor believed, that is if they are good Muslims and follow the words of the Koran. 

Yes that perfect man Mohammed married a six year old girl, called Aisha (when he was 53), who was his sexual slave.  He was a paedophile. A Muslim man can marry a girl as young as one year old, and consummate the marriage when she turns 9 years old. In our culture and under Australian law, he is called a paedophile.

Western Europe, which had what it thought was an enlightened attitude towards the Muslim asylum seekers, is now realising, too late, they made a huge mistake. Muslims have not integrated anywhere.  The Koran tells Muslims not to integrate into non-Muslim countries, but to subjugate and dominate them.

Everywhere in Western Europe Muslims are demanding to have their own courts of sharia law. Islam demands that Muslims obey and implement sharia law. Let me give you a few examples of sharia law:

  1. Polygamy - up to 4 wives, any number of concubines and of course a temporary wife for an hour, i.e. A prostitute. Adultery is ok for the men.
  2. Child marriage (as previously mentioned).
  3. Slavery, as agreed by all four schools of Sunni jurisprudence.
  4. Killing those who leave Islam (Apostics), adulterers (women only of course - a women who gets raped or marries a Christian is classed as an adulterer), blasphemers, critics of Islam (i.e. Me) and homosexuals.
  5. Parents are unpunished for killing their own children. Honour killing is legal.
  6. Women and non-Muslims are 2nd class citizens, men can beat their wives legally.
  7. Punishments such as beheadings, whipping, stoning, cutting off hands, etc.
  8. The imposition of special taxes on non-believers.
  9. Any Muslim can implement sharia law, as he sees fit, encouraging vigilante street justice, which we see all over the world every time we turn on the news.
Sharia law is a medieval unchangeable legal code which reflects the 7th century Arabian desert living practices of Mohammed. It is a total violation of the universal declaration of human rights, which we in Australia uphold. Many of these comments are not actually mine. Most came from author and lecturer Nonie Darwish, who was once a Muslim of high standing (her father was a general in the Egyptian army who was killed fighting the Jews on the Gaza strip) who converted to Christianity, so she has seen and lived both sides of this debate. Of course under Muslim teaching, the Koran and sharia law, she must be killed as an apostic!

It is not our job to rescue the Muslims from Islam. They must do it themselves. Their ideologies are unfit to survive in our culture... And supposing they turn the west into one big Islamic state, where will they flee to then? 

Mohammed said: “I became wealthy through terror”. Terror works, no doubt about it. The west is so scared of offending Muslims we keep giving, hoping in vain it will satisfy them. But nothing short of us converting to Islam or being dead will suffice. So-called moderate Muslims are irrelevant. They cannot and will not make a stand against radical Islam, through either compliance or fear, either way the result is the same. 

Islam is rotten to the core, Islam does not offer peace. It is time for us infidels to get offended. To resist, to say how much we detest the barbarity of Islam and say “no we do not want that for our children”.

Western Europe as we knew it is almost gone. It will become Islamic, there are too many Muslims there now and with an average number of children per Muslim family being 8 compared to indigenous family sizes averaging 1.3, the Muslims will outbreed them within a generation or so.

Islam encourages marriage to first cousins, and not to marry a non-Muslim. But this inbreeding for 1400 years has had an effect of course. 

Do not scream racism at me… I got these facts from an EU report published last year. The figures came from statistics from Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Holland and Belgium and more. Muslim children accounted for 70% of all children with mental and physical handicaps due to inbreeding (according to the doctors), in spite of being less than 10% of the overall general population. This is what happens when you keep marrying your cousin for 1400 years. Low IQ and lack of education is a dangerous combination.

Allah wants his followers to die for him... Jesus Christ died for us. Anyone see a subtle difference here?
Mohammed’s last words were “Chase the Jews and kill them wherever you find them”.
Jesus’s last words were, “forgive them father….”. 

Who would you want as your god? Which ideology do you want for your children? If we do not stop the Muslim invasion we will pass to our children a life of slavery, violence, terror and death. Show me a Muslim country that is not a dysfunctional, oppressive, violent totalitarian dictatorship! The possible exception is Indonesia, (a very corrupt democracy) but our Muslim refugee friends do not want to stop there either. 

All the trouble spots on earth now seem to be Islamic. Is this a coincidence? Why does the muslim world seem to be motivated to hate and kill?

Do something now or forever hang your head in shame. 
We may well be the last generation of western civilisation, as we know it, if we don’t act to protect our culture and values. We can start now by stopping this current wave of illegal Muslim invaders!"

Hear more about Islam from a Heritage Foundation Panelist here.

By Jim savage
President of One Nation, Queensland  

Presented by Ian Nelson (One Nation QLD Director) at "Politics at the pub" at the Brisbane Powerhouse 18 June 2014



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