Dean Mackin Announced as Second NSW Senate Candidate

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Dean Mackin has been endorsed as the second Senate candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in NSW.

Dean Mackin is a well known talk back radio host from the 2SM Network and is often described by many callers to the network as ‘the next John Laws’. Dean has amassed a huge following in a relatively short period of time and was one of five finalists for an Australian Commercial Radio Award (an ACRA/equivalent of a Logie for Radio) in less than a year after commencing his talk back career. 

"When the Internet started in the early 1990s, I took an interest in the technology and this in turn enabled me to meet radio legend Ian MacRae. The two of us became friends and after spending time with Ian, I knew I wanted to be involved in talk back radio. Also, the political climate of the early 1990s was not a positive one and I wanted to give the people of Australia, who were also growing equally discontented, a voice and platform where they would be heard.” 

After completing a course at the Ian MacRae Radio School, Dean found a job at 2KA in Western Sydney which eventually led him to 2HD in Newcastle, before starting on the 2SM Super Radio Network which goes out to dozens of stations throughout NSW and QLD.

The calls and emails to the program incessantly suggesting that Dean should get into politics may well have been a trigger to him taking up that option, but it was more the fact that Dean would continually suggest to his listeners that they needed to run for Parliament to replace those in whom they had no faith, was what ultimately led to his decision to run for the Federal Senate. “I would have considered it hypocritical to suggest that others do something that I was not myself prepared to do.”

Living in the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Dean never expected to be working in radio or politics and had always assumed he would spend his entire life working in the Information Technology Industry where he started his career doing Online Bulletin Boards, eventually starting his own service which turned into the largest and most successful one in Australia, not to mention being the youngest in the profession. Dean’s passion for technology also saw his start one of the first internet companies in Australia in 1994.

Dean is a strong believer that technology should be used when it comes to voting in this country and cannot believe that in 2016 we are still putting pencil to paper and have no way of checking how our votes were actually counted or if they were counted at all.

Dean is a proud, passionate and patriotic Australian who was once asked on-air "Aren't you worried about saying the things you say on the radio? You are very outspoken!", to which he responded "I am much more worried about NOT speaking up and YOU should be too!". It is fair to say that sums Dean Mackin up in one sentence and that he is a perfect fit for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

"We must lead by example. If we do not see people doing or saying that which we know NEEDS to be done then it is up to US to step up and fill that role and, most importantly, to encourage and motivate others to do similarly", said Dean. That is why he is now a proud One Nation NSW Senate candidate and will be standing for the AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE in politics and radio.

If you are interested in listening to Dean’s show or calling in, visit or call 13 12 69 from 2pm (NSW time) on Saturday afternoons.



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