Asylum Seekers & The Abbott Government

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I would like to congratulate the Prime Minister and Scott Morrison for taking a strong stand against the flood of illegal immigrants. By employing the long held One Nation policy of turning the boats back, guess what? The flood of boats is drying up. 

After years of Labor’s gutless Greens appeasing policies the Coalition have finally done what most Australians have always wanted done. Labor have no right to criticise or comment. Their total failure denies them this luxury.

I have been at odds with Mr. Abbott in the past (and no doubt will do again in the future) but I salute him now on this crucial issue, for a job well done. I implore Mr. Morrison to continue to stand firm. This stopping of the boats benefits not only Australia but also Indonesia, who will now see the flood of illegals into their own country dry up.

But Indonesia needs to apologise to Australia for allowing hundreds of their Indonesian registered and crewed boats to come illegally into our waters, violating our territory. They can use the patrol boats we gave them to patrol their own waters and control their own local Indonesian criminal people smugglers.

We need to stop being so precious and call it as it is. We need to send a message to Indonesia they cannot dictate to us our foreign policy. We must tell them the huge amount of aid money we give them every year cannot be taken for granted, and we will deduct an amount for each new illegal arriving via Indonesia, to cover the cost of keeping them. If they stop the boats they will possibly keep the aid, if not, they won’t.

Jim Savage (President One Nation QLD)



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