AFP Counter Terrorism Officer stands for Blair, with One Nation.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Former Federal Police Officer, Troy Aggett joins the line up of candidates for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party ahead of this year’s federal election.

The trained counter terrorism specialist and former protection officer to Prime Minister John Howard says “One Nation is the only political party that holds dear to principals, policies and standards which are important to me and what I believe Australia desperately needs to get back on track. I can relate to Pauline Hanson, as she too has stood up for what she believes in and has been bullied for it.”

Mr Aggett has previously stood on principal as a whistle blower, uncovering illegal contracts between the Federal Police and ISS Security, that resulted in a victory in the Supreme Court. 

The father of two is prompted to make his second tilt at parliament after expressing great disappointment of the country’s leaders. “I firmly believe in a fair go for all, and have written hundreds of letters over the years asking for answers from our politicians. Sadly all have fallen on deaf ears.”

“If elected, I will be able to question the major parties motifs on the floor of Parliament where they cannot avoid answers”.

Mr Aggett believes good people are forced to fight the current failed system in order to seek justice and their rights. He has personally seen the mismanagement within our disability services and is committed to stand up for those less fortunate, who need a voice.

“My passion is in the nations security, employment, small business, mental health/suicide prevention and both parents sharing their children’s lives”.

If elected, Mr Aggett has promised “I will put my heart and soul into listening and doing what’s right for the silent majority, who are most at risk of losing their rights in this country”.



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