A Special Message From Pauline Hanson

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dear One Nation Members and Public Supporters,

Let me first thank you for your support and commitment to One Nation, the party I founded in April 1997. One Nation was born because many Australians felt they were disregarded by other political parties and their voices were not being heard. My platform onto the political stage was nothing more than daring to raise issues that were politically incorrect and having a common sense approach rather than an elitist attitude, but most of all honesty. Australians saw me as a breath of fresh air on the floor of Parliament and flocked to join as members. At the height of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation we had 18,000 members.

In 2002 I was forced to resign as National President of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation by the National Executive. After a relentless campaign by the Liberal and Labor parties to destroy One Nation, and myself, I was convicted and sentenced in 2003 to serve a term of three years imprisonment. After 11 weeks, my sentence was quashed on appeal.

I was terribly concerned for Australia when first in Parliament, but more so now. We are witnessing large amounts of our prime farming land and housing sold to foreign ownership. The push for multiculturalism is only segregating us as a nation and not uniting us as Australians with the same values, beliefs and laws. Halal is being forced on us by 2% of the population. Increased violence, educational standards well below world standard and our health care are a lot to be desired. Our elderly are living in poverty and families struggling to make ends meet. 

One Nation has been floundering for many years, this is not what I want for the party I founded on Australian values and a fair go. I am proud to announce that I am once again at the helm of One Nation, after accepting the position as National Chairman and Leader.

It’s time to reignite our voice. It’s time to let the political parties know they cannot take us, the Australian people, for granted. 

Please join me at the special meeting to be held in Caboolture on the 29th November 2014. Let those who oppose us, those who disregard Australian values and way of life know that I am back. Invite your family and friends to attend my public address - more than ever I need your support, but more importantly Australia and our future generations need ours.     

Yours Sincerely,

Pauline Hanson



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