Why Should You Vote for One Nation in the Senate?

Monday, July 22, 2013

By Jim Savage 
We have plenty of career politicians already. We have plenty of ambitious men and women wanting  only to further their own personal power, wealth and the influence of their own Party. People who have never had a real job in the real world, so called leaders who wish to bend the reality to suit their own beliefs. We have an ever quickening corruption on every front, virtue mocked and expedience applauded, and hereand now is the future that was earned by that decline.

Freedom isn’t free at all. It comes at a very high price. Thousands of Australians have paid the ultimate sacrifice to give us the freedom we take for granted nowadays. A freedom that is gradually slipping away. Individuality, small business and proper Christian values are gradually becoming something of a lesser value. Was their sacrifice in vain?

One Nation is passionate about our country and is still fighting to regain what was best, and now lost, in our society. Men and women should be able to go about their work and play , providing for their families and loved ones without constantly being worried by the way their country is being run, degraded by politicians who lack vision and the courage to do what is right for us and future generations of Australians.  They are good at talking, how about results? (Just one example, given the opportunity, One Nation would stop the illegal boats in 24 hours! All it takes is new orders given to our navy. A navy paid by our taxes and supposed to protect us andnot be complicit in an invasion).  Patriotism is not a dirty word. To love your country is not something to be ashamed of. Politicians are elected to represent the people who voted for them, not their party or vocal minority groups, or the U.N.  They cannot be trusted!

We cannot continue to be a community of innocent bystanders. We are all guilty if we do nothing. Someone has to start turning things around. We need people of solid human values, reliable as friends, and with genuine sympathy for others in difficulty. People with uncompromising courage of their convictions. People who are honest. Yes honest, a value long lost in Australian politics. We need a passion for goodness in politics, not expediency and power plays. It is not all about dollars and cents and politics and power and repaying favours. It’s about Australia and her people. We must be one people in one united Christian nation.
Please put One Nation into the Senate, it will be your insurance against bad government and bad laws. 

- Jim Savage 
(President of the One Nation QLD Division)



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