Why are boat people so special?

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Much has been said this week by the left wing bleeding heart mob, the Greens, and Labor about the supposed turning back of the Tamil “asylum” seekers from Sri Lanka, or even apparently worse, handing them over to the Sri Lankan Navy. They are saying it is not good enough to question them on board, four questions we are told, then decide if they can come to Australia, or not. 

Well how come it is done at airports around Australia every day of the week and no outrage from these same people?  Funny how some of the loudest protesters are the very same people who make a handsome living (paid for by the taxpayer) out of representing the illegals.

Many people are turned back at our airports because they are not considered genuine, and these people actually came here with a visa!  So why are the illegal boat people so special that they must get the red carpet treatment, above and beyond that afforded to everyone else?  Not to mention the millions of dollars of our money to accommodate and process them once they manage to get onshore, and have the use of taxpayer funded legal aid to fight any decision they don’t like.

Stuff it, send them back I say and let them do it legally if they want to migrate to our great country.

This is OUR country and we will not be dictated to by any foreign person whose first act is to violate our laws.

Jim Savage
President, One Nation Queensland.



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