Why We Must Vote NO in the Local Government Referendum

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

At this coming federal election you will be asked to vote on a referendum.

The proposed DRAFT BILL; A Bill for an Act to alter the Constitution to recognise local government by stating that the Commonwealth can grant financial assistance to local government, including assistance for community and other services.

The people of Australia need to think of the ramifications that may occur if you allow this power to the Federal Government. It would permit the Commonwealth to grant financial assistance to any local government body. It would allow them to fund any local government programme directly throughout states and the territory.

Federal Government interaction with local council already happens regularly through the provision of federal grants to help fund local government managed projects.


The Australian Constitution states the Commonwealth has the power to make laws under section 51 (xxvi) for the people of any race, for whom it is deemed necessary to make special laws.

I am very concerned this referendum is not in our best interest. Special laws can be made but also giving the Commonwealth the ability to directly finance is fraught with danger, power and total control.
Local government also comes under the names, boroughs, shires, councils, towns, municipalities, rural cities and unincorporated to name some and state government recognise local government in their respective state constitutions.    

Peter Reith Former senior Liberal Leader who led the successful campaign for a ‘NO VOTE’ in 1988 has urged the opposition to oppose the change. 

“It’s a complete waste of money”, he said. “Australia has an excellent Constitution the claim that the reform or change is necessary to be able to fund local government is simply a ruse – there is absolutely nothing stopping the Federal Governments funding local governments through state governments”.

The question had been put to the voters before, in 1974 and 1988, and both times it was rejected.
Why is the Labor Government funding a YES vote to the tune of $11.6 Million and only allowing $500,000 for the NO vote. Even the booklet Australians will be receiving will be focused on the YES vote in the front of the book. You will have to find the NO vote at the back of the book.

Do Australians want to be faced with the possibility that a culture totally foreign to our way of life may have their own community, and our federal government will be able to introduce special laws and fund it?

Australians, what I have raised here, which I am sure no one else will, is food for thought and debate. Please consider wisely when voting on the referendum. It has been rejected twice before, reject it again. Do you honestly TRUST our government and our current Prime Minister Julia Gillard? 

What concerns me also is Tony Abbott and the Liberal, National Party, Greens, and Bob Katter’s Australian Party support the YES vote.

- Pauline Hanson

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