Victims of Crime

Friday, October 10, 2014

We believe the average Australian is getting fed up with our Governments continual disregard for the wellbeing of victims of crime. A recent case where a young man who raped and killed an elderly woman received a minimal sentence (just over a year) and if the woman’s family should name the offender publicly they will receive a longer prison term than the young rapist and murderer.

This is simply MADNESS!

Victims of vicious crimes are left to struggle with long term mental physical and financial issues while the criminal gets all the help in the world. No longer is anyone considered as simply a guilty cruel dishonest evil animal, oh no, they are just good people who had a bit of a hard time and couldn’t cope and it wasn’t really their fault.  The system treats them as if THEY are victim and gives them all the help and services to “rehabilitate” them, and to hell with the victim.

Once again we call for the total abolition of the Parole Board. Since when did society give an open slather policy to an unnamed Parole Board to release monsters from our prisons? Why would the police continue to bother to track down and convict these animals when we all know the bleeding hearts in the Parole Board will just let them go?

These criminals know how to work the system and know exactly what the “experts” who interview them want to hear. They are smart like a rat but much more dangerous. They are smarter than the idiots who let them go free to reoffend.

Abolish the Parole Board! If you are sentenced to 10 years for rape, then you serve 10 years. How difficult is this concept to understand?  Why does a judge sentence a person to 10 years if he wants him to serve 2 years? Wouldn’t he sentence him to 2 years if that was the case? 

Surely we must assume to be put on a Parole Board you must first have to prove you are pathologically stupid!

If the Minister responsible can be convinced that a certain person is deserving of parole, then he, and only he, can make that decision. That also means that he, and only he, is responsible if a terrible mistake is made and the person concerned reoffends. At least then we know WHO TO HOLD RESPONSIBLE!



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