Turncoat Turnbull

Monday, September 14, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop showed their hand today by asking our Prime Minister Tony Abbott, to step aside or call a party room ballot.
Malcolm Turnbull has struggled to get party room support in the past. Why, because they don’t like him and see him as a man far more suited to be on Labor’s benches than the Liberal Party.

So why now? My belief is the backbenchers are panicking based on current polling figures. The by-election for the seat of Canning caused by the death of Don Randall this Saturday, will not mean a change of Government, but a litmus test of Tony Abbott’s leadership skills. Polling is showing the Liberal party may lose as much as 10% of the vote. Going on these polls, a lot believe they will lose their seats and are now being forced to support someone like Malcolm Turnbull, because no one else wants the job.

When the Australian people went to the polls in 2013, Tony Abbott lead the Coalition and we knew his policies and what he stood for. Stop the boats, stop the carbon tax and stop the mining tax. Tony Abbott achieved all three. We know Tony Abbott is a monarchist and anti-gay marriage, but he is offering us a vote.

What do we know of Malcolm Turnbull and his beliefs and policies? Malcolm Turnbull is a Republican; he wants an Emissions Trading Scheme - in other words a carbon tax and supports gay marriage. He is an economic rationalist, and the world will be open to our jobs. Where does he stand on stopping the illegal boats and temporary protection visas? Will he increase the intake number of refugees from Syria? What is his view with regards to foreign ownership of Australia, when it comes to our homes, land, industry and manufacturing?

Malcolm Turnbull in his media statement was critical of the economic stability of his government. He has been a wrecking ball for months with his snide remarks, innuendoes and undermining Tony Abbott when and where he can.

In all honesty, Tony Abbott has improved the economic stability of this country since taking over from the Labor Party. As Communications Minister, has Turnbull done an outstanding job getting the NBN laid out across Australia?

I don’t believe Malcolm Turnbull is the answer to our woes. He is a former Merchant Banker, a man I see as out of touch with the Australian people. A man driven by his own personal ambition and egotism to be Prime Minister, who will back his wealthy mates before putting the interests of Australians first. If he was really concerned for this country, then why do this prior to a by-election that may ruin the chances for the Liberal party.

Regardless of all this, I am sick of these leadership challenges. Members of parliament should not have the right to discard a Prime Minister, voted in by the people, at their whim. I am not an Abbott supporter, because of his attack on me years ago that lead to my imprisonment, but I state the facts as I see them.

You don’t cut it for me Malcolm; you should be challenging Shorten for his job where you are best suited.

Pauline Hanson



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