Turnbull VS Pauline

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Pauline Hanson has hit back at Malcolm Turnbull after he said the former political would not be welcome back to Parliament.

Speaking with Paul Murray on Sky News she says the comments point to the prime minister's arrogance.

'If I stand and win my seat the people have voted me in, why has he more right to his seat than I do, it just shows sheer arrogance.'

'Pauline Hanson is not a welcome presence on the Australian political scene - remember she was chucked out of the Liberal party,' the prime minister told reporters in Sydney.

Due to the double dissolution, Ms. Hanson will only need a half the usual quota of votes to be elected to the Senate, increasing her chance of being elected at the July 2 poll.

Click the image below to watch Pauline's interview with Paul Murray LIVE.




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