Turnbull: Good Act, Bad Performance by Pauline Hanson

Monday, February 15, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull aspired to be Prime Minister of Australia. Many Australians were ready to throw Tony Abbott under the bus, including the loyalists within his own party, giving Turnbull his wish.

It is one thing wanting to be the Prime Minister, yet another being capable of Prime Minister. Turnbull’s honeymoon period is over, so we can now look at his achievements and abilities as leader, or lack thereof.

Malcolm Turnbull is a former Merchant Banker and Barrister, a performer, trained to articulate to the jury. No one can deny that his Parliamentary floor and press conference performances are good, but I view him as merely an actor who has learnt his lines. Turnbull has been training for this role, but I believe it is a role ill suited to him and he totally lacks the ability to deliver to the Australian people vision, hope, trust and leadership.

Some may think I am harsh or ill equipped to pass comment on our Prime Minister, so let me state my case.

Australia’s economy is slowing down. Country towns that were once thriving with miners or the farming sector, now out of jobs are becoming destitute. Industries and manufacturing continue to close down moving off shore, due to cheaper tax havens or workforces. Our farming sector has been decimated with cheap imports of poor quality, aided by our government abolishing tariffs and implementing free trade agreements. Foreign investment and foreign ownership of our agricultural land and housing is encouraged as a means of bringing revenue in to the country, regardless of the impact it has on driving up prices and affordability for Australians.

Apart from a need for economic stability, we also require social stability in order to survive.

Australia cannot afford to allow people into our country who are incompatible with our culture, way of life and laws. The world is facing terrorism from some who want to destroy our democracy and freedom. Islam teaches and practices hate towards non-believers as we have experienced in Australia with Muslims carrying out acts of terrorism, murder and plots to kill many more Australians.

Australians in general do not want the 12,000 Syrian refugees Malcolm Turnbull has indicated we will take, regardless of whether they are Muslim or not. Economically, it is the wrong decision for Australia. Bringing the refugees here will cost the Australian taxpayer $830 million, that’s $69,000 for every man woman and child. If we left them in their own country and sent the money over it would feed and house 200,000.

As for security, what will we be getting? If a car has a defect, the company recalls all the cars for fear the defect may cause loss of life. In the case of the frozen berries affected by Hepatitis A, every packet was recalled and thrown out.

ISIS has planted contaminants in with the refugees. We have plenty of our own home grown terrorists that ASIO are finding difficult to track. In fact, just this week, ASIO have been on a recruitment drive to employ more officers. We do not have the luxury to play on the world stage, for fear of some calling us racists or non-compassionate. Compassion comes with looking after our own first. With approximately 115,000 homeless Australians, this is a good enough reason to start with.

Malcolm Turnbull, Australians do not want politicians or power mongers twisting the basic truths. You have played the ‘innovation’ and ‘exciting times’ cards to death over the past few months, all with no results. You are so out of touch with the Australian people, and this is why you have now backed away from the GST, a Republic and Gay Marriage. The saying goes, ‘if you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.’ I think a lot of Australians are now starting to question whether Tony Abbott wasn’t too bad after all.

By Pauline Hanson



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