The Hanson Persecution

Sunday, July 21, 2013

By John Carter, former journalist to the Land Newspaper - 25/2/10 
...Abbott, who was in a Cabinet that implemented three of Pauline Hanson’s six major points in her Maiden Speech, to be now pushing a fourth (non military national service) shows extraordinary hypocrisy. Abolition of ATSIC, changes to Lionel Murphy’s divorce laws, the Alice Springs-Darwin rail link are done. Abbott’s Finance Minister, Barnaby Joyce, is quite rightly, calling for the final two - a reduction in Australian debt and interest rates similar to the rest of the World.  

Those who have read David Ettridges’ or Pauline Hanson’s books know the details of one the most disgraceful chapters in the short history of Australian justice. Hundreds of thousands know that Tony Abbott played a key role in developing the trumped up charges that saw Hanson sentenced for three years gaol. Her subsequent complete exoneration by Queensland’s Chief Justice after she had served three months (some of it in solitary confinement) was less publicly broadcast. Recent media treatment of Pauline Hanson has continued the persecution. 

In March last year, in the last weeks of her campaign for a seat in the Queensland Parliament, the Brisbane Courier Mail published a photo of a naked woman claiming it to be Pauline Hanson. It was a new low point. Voters unmercifully taunted her helpers on voting booths. Some minutes after the voting booths closed, the Editor of the paper phoned Pauline Hanson and apologised saying that he had been misled by a mentally impaired man who sold him the photo of another woman (a cursory glance at the woman’s eyes would have told anyone that they weren’t Pauline’s unusual eyes). It obviously destroyed her chance of winning a seat - the goal of those behind the paper. Her lawyer secured a damages “pay out” but the damage to her dignity had been done. 

Now, the mongrel journalists are fabricating a story that she is quitting Australia to live in England and join an extreme right wing organisation. Some operate under instructions; others never understood what she stood for. In anger, I phoned her to get the facts. She is selling her 145 acre farm and going for a holiday in New Zealand and then the UK for six months. At no stage did she say that she was emigrating. She loves Australia and her family who live here. Pauline Hanson will emerge (with Bob Brown) as the most influential politician of the era. 

Tony Abbott should be aware that there are enough former One Nation voters who remember what was done to Pauline Hanson to win or lose him an election. If, and I write “if” advisedly, Abbott is smart enough to be Prime Minister material, he should demonstrate it by making a public apology to Pauline Hanson.

John Carter, former journalist to the Land Newspaper.



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