Terrorism - Why We Still Get It Wrong – By an Ex-Federal Cop

Friday, September 19, 2014

Terrorism is always believed to be a tool to make the public fear a group or organisation and believed to put pressure on the day-to-day trading of a country.

How wrong can we get it?

Terrorism is war, straight out war, but the clever people who plan these attacks are smart, yet we just think they’re mad. 

Stop and think… if you want to hurt a country, make that country raise their terror threat.  You have now just succeeded in your attack of the country’s trading ability without a single physical attack.

Terrorism is simple, it’s a war fought by using minimal soldiers to make the best collateral damage by killing the enemy, but the enemy is not the soldiers, it is just ordinary people of a different belief. At this point if you are not Muslim, you are to be resigned from living, as you are not worthy. 

Most Muslim people are peaceful, I know a few that I would vouch for, however the peaceful ones will never stand and be counted as this war is not against them, so we can count on no reaction whatsoever.

In Australia we try extremely hard not to raise our threat level, however the writing is now on the wall. For the threat level to be raised, and as much as the ‘higher beings’ will tell you that they have no specific threat, don’t be fooled. The threat is very real and the higher beings have more then enough evidence to suggest there is an imminent attack.

The terror threat here is not new to Australia, it has been here for a long time; our security forces recently stopped a planned attack on the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG. Australia has run out of time, no more can security be on a perception only basis.

When the real test comes, what can we do? Ask our news presenters? No. I wrote to them with solutions but they were not interested. The officials also do not want you staying at home and tell you to go about your daily life. You should BUT you should also exercise caution and awareness.

When a terror alert is raised to high, there are some things you may want to consider:

1. Spend less time in shopping centers - you have seen shootings in shopping centres before, they have several access points and a high amount of people within a small target. 

2. If you see suspicious behavior or an odd car, truck or bus, avoid it and report it. Don’t feel afraid or embarrassed that it might be nothing; be vigilant, besides, if it turns out to be nothing, you have just assisted our police to conduct a full simulation training program.

3. Stay away from crowds, as much as possible. The name of the game is to kill in numbers, the more the better.

4. Listen to the news but take what they say with a grain of salt – it is not always right (usually it’s not) as the media are not given all of the information, EVER!!!

As an ex-federal police officer, I can truthfully tell you that there is information that the federal police have been fully aware of for over 7 years; never has it been released nor will it be released by me, however, these past events have led us to where we are today – on a high terror alert.

My fellow Australians, you need to stop acting foolish by believing you are safe behind locked doors, those days are gone. A war has been raging for centuries and now that war is on your doorstep. It’s time to act and it’s time that we start standing up to those who take our hospitality for granted and come here wanting to kill us for no reason other then we are not Muslim. 

It’s time the world remembers why Australia has an army feared on the battlefield, those soldiers are a token of Australian muscle and Australian pride. If the majority will not stand, then we deserve our fate. We will be the next genocide and the world will look and watch in horror. History has shown that the majority sits idle, however have Australians now awoken, will they finally say enough is enough?

It is time to evict anyone here from foreign shores looking to promote violence by way of hate speech or an act on the basis of a fundamental radical group. Only then will the terror groups begin to rethink - it’s hard to have a war when there are no soldiers to do your bidding. 

You can take my advice or you can disregard it, I pray that no harm comes to your loved ones. 

I finally call on our moderate Muslim friends who want to live in peace and with freedom to join us and help us fight against these terrorists – you have the information we require to defeat them. Show Australians where your loyalty lies and prove those that despise you wrong.

It’s your choice Australians.

By Troy Aggett - Former Federal Police
(One Nation Website Contributor)




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