Terror Raids in Australia

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today raids were carried out in Sydney and Brisbane by an anti terrorist police operation and 15 men arrested. Apparently they foiled a plot to kidnap and behead an innocent member of the public, to send a message to Australia (their adopted country) from their pals in I.S. (Islamic State). 

This evening there is a protest rally taking place in Lakemba, claiming muslims are being persecuted. My God, apparently they would prefer the police did NOT stop this terrorist act from happening! Also, how do they know those arrested were muslim? No mention has been made by police to this effect. 

It seems any time there is talk of terrorism Muslims start screaming. Why? Apparently they think if a terrorist plot becomes known to police they must NOT act if the plotters happen to be Muslim. To do otherwise is, as they are now saying, "persecuting Muslims".



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