So Who Was The Terrorist's Doctor?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It has now been revealed that Khaled Sharrouf, a convicted Australian muslim terrorist was receiving a taxpayer funded disability pension over the 2013/2014 period while he was fighting in Syria.

Now it’s bad enough that he was only jailed for four short years in 2005 for a terrorist conspiracy (to kill innocent Australians) instead of a life sentence, but how did he get a disability pension when he’s fit enough to fight as a terrorist soldier/murderer?

Will the Australian government investigate the doctor who signed the paperwork saying this fit able bodied man was disabled? Who in Centrelink was responsible for giving him his pension?

We are sick of hearing what a benefit and privilege it is to Australia to have these parasites in our country, and we are including the second generation here as well, because they the ones rushing overseas to join in their parent’s ancient tribal wars. The muslims are NOT integrating into Australian society. They are either actively undermining it, using it as a base for terrorist fighting overseas, recruiting other weak mined inbred imbeciles to join their “holy war” which they don’t even understand, or at best doing nothing to stop it among their friends, community and family.

How many muslims, how many immans have forcefully rejected these people in Australia, how many have condemned them? How many have said they should integrate into the country which took them in? How many muslims have called for these people to be caught and punished? How many immans have told their people in the mosques to report these criminals to the authorities so they will not go out and kill people?  The answer is NONE!   The reason? They support them! The so-called “good” muslims are totally irrelevant, they have no part to play.

To all the muslims living in Australia we say to you, “You are either with us 100%, or you are against us!” There can be no in between. Are you a muslim or an Australian? It is impossible to be both as your Koran (your perfect book) teaches laws and principals which are opposed to the Australian constitution, Australian law, Australian culture and way of life. Which is it? If you are a muslim then by definition you hate us and wish to destroy us. If you do not wish to destroy us then obviously you are not a good muslim and should be killed under your own Sharia law as a disbeliever and apostic. You are between a rock and a hard place, of your own doing, so take responsibility. We Christians cannot keep saving muslims from Islam. You must do it yourself!

If you wish to obey Australian law, respect the religion of others, don’t believe in honour killing of your own children, don’t support paedophiles (marrying one year old girls to old men), if you agree homosexuals should not be killed, then you cannot remain a muslim. Give it up and become a Christian, learn to love and respect others. Lead a life of freedom, not slavery, especially if you are female.

We challenge every imman in Australia to preach to his congregation to report any muslim planning any terrorist or anti-Australian activity.  We know none will do it. You are our enemy, and we know it. The Koran is full of death, paedophilia, and bloodshed. No love or forgiveness. No peace to all men. Islam preaches hate and violence and death.  Sharia law demands it!

Australians, get ready or get destroyed by them. Do not leave the fighting to our children. We allowed them here, now we must stop them!

Wanted man ... Australian Khaled Sharrouf posing with an AK-47. Picture: Twitter Source: Twitter

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