So what is China? Friend or Foe?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Much has been said about Clive Palmers’ recent comments on Q & A about China. We think Clive probably regrets his comments and may well have had personal issues influencing his choice of words. But as Clive later said, he makes a clear distinction between the Chinese people and the Chinese government.

We think we should perhaps, at this stage at least, take him on his word on that. We regularly criticize the Australian government, as we all do, that does not mean we don’t like Australians.

However, a Member of the Australian House of Representatives should be a little more careful with his choice of words, we would suggest. But Australia is a free country, with freedom of speech, unlike China.

China is our friend, not to mention a very important trading partner. We personally feel we allow China to buy too much of our good farming land, but this is not China’s fault, they are good business men and doing what they do best.

If we have issues with increasing Chinese ownership of Australian land, that is something we need to sort out with our own government who let it happen, who seem to encourage it.

It is NOT the fault of China. They are smart investors, we are not! 

We should not attack the Chinese government for looking after its own people first. We just wish our government was as far sighted and had as many brains as the Chinese.



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