Security is Australia's #1 Issue

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Freedom of Speech rally in Paris yesterday sent a clear message that people are not prepared to endure radicals and their terrorism. Yet, at the same time, the world braces for a further wave of terror as reports come of hit lists and Jihadis being allowed back into Australia after fighting in Syria.

“While people here are not yet prepared to make anti-Islamic statements, we are all afraid for the safety of our country and the safety of our families”, said Pauline Hanson.

“Our leaders need to give all Australians a sense that something is really being done to protect us and preserve our way of life, but I feel such assurances are not forthcoming. Our State and Federal leaders are not willing to take this issue head on”, said Hanson. “We have murder on our streets and training schools being run out of Islamic Centres. (see “Islamic Centre Raided” by ABC news report,  September 2014) What more do we need before we take action?"



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