Second Generation Jihadists

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Two weeks ago Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch were asked (on Channel Seven) to voice their opinions about the millions of dollars the federal government intends to spend to teach young muslims NOT to become involved in the fighting overseas or to become radicalised here in Australia.

Pauline said she did not agree and said words to the effect that the problem is the PARENTS of these children. Parents who obviously are raising them with anti-Australian sentiments and not teaching them decent values, or what most Australians would call decent values. Derryn Hinch called her a racist and David Koch (the host) immediately agreed.

Firstly one would have thought that people like Hinch and Koch would have at least average intelligence and have a basic understanding of the English language, especially in regards to words that they use themselves. They seem to think if some-one, whose opinion they asked for, disagrees with spending millions of taxpayer dollars, on ANY given project, that happens to involve muslims, makes them a racist. Obviously they think that by calling Pauline a racist the argument is already won, by them supposedly. Well firstly neither of these two gentlemen apparently actually know the meaning of the word racist, which is pretty dumb when you use the term on national television, and secondly they conveniently avoided the message Pauline was making. Also of course racism has to at least involve a race of some kind. What race was Hinch and Koch referring to we wonder, as none was even mentioned? Unless of course Hinch and Koch mistakenly believe Islam is a race, but surely not!

Last week Caroline Marcuswho is a commentator for the Sunday Mail, said that these (Australian) “kids are nursed on the teats of hatred and distrust, taught to despise all who don’t share the same beliefs, even if they’re still too young to possibly comprehend what those beliefs are themselves”. Later she said, “anyone with a shred of doubt that such radicalisation of children is happening on our very doorstep was quickly silenced after images emerged of Australian Khaled Sharrouf’s seven year old son proudly posing with a putrefying head, accompanied by his father’s sick  gloat: “that’s my boy”.

Remember the Sydney muslim riots where a very young boy carried a banner saying: “behead all those who insult the prophet”?

I did not notice Koch or Hinch screaming racist at Caroline Marcus. Too scared to take her on?

I do not remember hearing them ever complaining about the obvious child abuse inflicted on these poor little muslim children.  I thought Hinch was all about protecting children, or does he only concern himself over white Christian kids, and not muslim kids.

Hinch and Koch remind me of Neville Chamberlain (British PM) who in 1939 appeased Adolph Hitler, because he so too scared to resist his evil. World War two and millions of dead was the result.

Many smart, less fearful commentators, like Caroline Marcus and Andrew Bolt are now coming out and saying what One Nation has cried in the wilderness for years about. Radical Islam is the real threat, a clear and present danger to everything the civilised world stands for. 

The so called Islamic State or I.S. is a prime example.

We MUST stop them, and that means only ONE THING. We have to kill them. We talk about “airstrikes” and “giving weapons” to the Kurds in Iraq and possibly Syria etc, but no-one is still prepared to say what that actually means! It means we kill them, or help someone else to do it. No point talking with these barbaric primitive hate filled often inbred followers of that 7th century desert dwelling killer called Mohammed. (Yes, he killed many thousands of people, a historical fact). They have no capacity to compromise or understand anything we say or have to offer. They want the entire world to fall to THEIR model of barbarity and slavery, or die!

Let’s call a spade a spade! We need to bomb and shoot them back into the stone age where they belong!

See the Sunrise episode that sparked outrage here:



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