Response to Greens' Ridiculous Toy Proposal

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

At first we thought it was a joke. Larissa Waters, the Queensland Greens senator now wants us to stop buying toys for our children which she deems to be “gender specific”. This means no Barbie dolls for girls and no trucks for boys.

She believes this will ultimately lead to domestic violence when these children (presumably only the boys) grow up. It will also lead apparently to unfair wages for girls. The Greens want no toys which may possibly be considered  “boys toys” or  “girls toys”. The colour is also to be changed to some neutral boring non gender specific colour, whatever that may be.

It is no surprise that Miss Waters has no children of her own. Only a complete idiot could come up with such a stupid idea. I have a news flash for Miss Waters. Boys and girls ARE DIFFERENT! Shock horror!

Any married person with children would know that she is talking not only absolute rubbish but also from a position of absolutely no first hand knowledge. Most normal people love and appreciate the differences between the sexes, of children and adults.

Miss Waters claims research has shown her comments to be true. We challenge her to provide this mythical research. No child researcher or expert agrees with her loony opinions and all have denied any such “research" exists.

So, it is up to you Miss/Ms Waters to back up your stupid claims.  We thought our current crop of politicians had reached the bottom of the barrel in the stupid stakes, only to be proved wrong again. Does anyone remember common sense?



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