Radical Islam?  SAS plus 82nd Airborn-  YES!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The threat of radical Islam is no longer an academic one. It is real, it is current, and it is HERE!

But like any creature, it cannot survive without a suitable habitat, ie a place to live, adequate food and weapons, a place to rest, energise, spread the message and recruit.

We must destroy the extremists “over there” and not wait for “enlightenment” to come here, via the muslim radicals already in Australia. The murdering and barbarity and rape and death over in the Middle East is only encouraging their moronic followers here in Australia.

We need to crush them absolutely and show their followers they have no chance of survival if they choose to go down that path.

We do not support having Australian infantry on the ground over there (Iraq or Syria) where I.S. is causing so much bloodshed and terror. But I do think Australia’s SAS, along with countries like the U.S.A. (82nd Airborne), Britain (SAS), Germany and France, with their special forces should have a roving commission, go in where our Intelligence agencies tell them there are targets suitable for “hit and run” missions. This will show these barbarians that nowhere is safe for them and the good guys can come and kill them whenever and wherever we choose. The psychological effect would be enormous, making them impotent on the ground in their own supposed strong holds.

This on top of massive airstrikes will make it impossible for them to have any structure in their organisation and supply lines, not to mention the fact we are destroying equipment and killing their fighters. Loss of face is a big and useful weapon against these kind of primitive people.

Our special forces are more than capable of taking on a bunch of cowards with no structural training, especially when done at a time of our choosing and discretion, with our superior weapons, technology, training and backup. Fly in, do the job, fly out!

It worked pretty well for Bin laden!

One Nation has been talking about this threat for years. It gives us no pleasure in being proved right.

Join our fight to regain our Australian culture and freedoms, won with the blood of our fathers in many past wars. How? A good start is to protest against any proposal for a mosque in your area!



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