Understanding The QLD Voting System

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Queensland has only one house of Parliament, the Legislative Assembly. When Queenslanders go to vote they will be given one ballot paper with the names of the candidates standing in their electorate. Political parties and candidates, cannot control your vote. Preference deals done by parties, means, they are agreeing to show each other's recommendations (preferences) on their How to Vote cards.   

Queensland’s voting system is called optional preferential voting.  This system means it is the voters’ choice as to how many preferences they wish to mark on their ballot paper.

  1. You must place a number 1 (primary vote) beside the candidate of your choice. You can then proceed to cast a 2 or 3 preference and so on, if you wish. How to vote cards are only a recommendation from candidates. You do not have to follow the cards to make your vote valid.

  2. When you only place a 1 your vote will stop there. By placing a 2 this means if your first choice does not win then your vote will go to your 2nd preference and so on. 


All primary votes (number 1) are counted, if a candidate has over 50% of the vote they are declared the elected candidate. If no one wins on the primary vote then the candidate with the lowest vote is eliminated, and their 2nd preference (only if voters have placed a 2 on the ballot paper) are distributed to the remaining candidates. 

If no candidate has reached more than 50%, the next candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated, and their 2nd preference is distributed. This is the process until the final 2 candidates with the highest number of votes remain. If neither has still not reached over 50% of the total vote then the 3rd preferences are distributed in the same manner as the 2nd preferences, until a candidate reaches over 50%. 
When all votes have been exhausted then the candidate with the highest number of votes will be declared the elected representative.

As I have explained, YOU (the voter) are in control. The political parties will lie and put a spin on where your vote goes. Take control, understanding how the voting system works, tell your family and friends, and end up with the representative you want. 

Pauline Hanson
(National Chairman & Leader of One Nation)



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